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Business Fundamentals

Course Price


Course length

12 Hours

Business Fundamentals


Tiffany Starchuk and Melissa Colborne

Tiffany Starchuk has years of business success and expertise in a broad range of industries. Tiffany is a true chameleon and strives to empower as many people possible to build success for themselves From cosmetics, personal services, farming, tradeshows, private vocational colleges, non-profits, product manufacturing and wholesale sales. Tiffany has a skill set that will inspire you to build the biggest life possible for yourself. Her vision and ideas are endless.

Melissa Colborne is a digital mastermind, with years of experience building and growing corporations’ online presence. Melissa brings an exceptional eye for detail with a clear seamless instructing method that simplifies even the most challenging of topics. By building online success for a variety of clients,
with a track record of exceeding sales, traffic
and engagement expectations, Melissa is
an established and trusted professional
within the digital community.

About the Course

Business fundamentals is comprised of five dynamic modules guiding you to an understanding of who your ideal client is (target market), who your business is, along with its look, feel and voice. In order to build a successful business these key factors need to be clearly laid out. If you don’t know who you are looking for, how will you know where to find your ideal client? Taking time to do this work now will save you thousands of dollars in unsuccessful advertising and will streamline your social media and promotional materials to reach the proper markets. This class is offered online, and you will work at your own pace to complete it prior to the retreat. We recommend giving yourself at least 12 hours to successfully complete this portion of the program. 


  • Business Persona Building 

  • Client Persona Building 

  • Service & Pricing Menu Development 

  • Business purpose 

  • Client Experience Branding

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