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Corporate Communication

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4 Hours

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Corporate Communication


Tiffany Starchuk

Tiffany Starchuk has years of business success and expertise in a broad range of industries. Tiffany is a true chameleon and strives to empower as many people possible to build success for themselves From cosmetics, personal services, farming, tradeshows, private vocational colleges, non-profits, product manufacturing and wholesale sales. Tiffany has a skill set that will inspire you to build the biggest life possible for yourself. Her vision and ideas are endless

About the Course

How We Can Help

  • We address ineffective communication at the individual, team, and organizational level.

  • We help organizations  maximize its most important resource: its people.

  • We provide the tools, strategies, and show you how to implement them.

  • We help establish a culture that values differences and creates unity.

The Process

Self-discovery is the beginning of the True Colors process. Customized to the needs and goals of your organization, our first step is to help you take every team member through a True Colors workshop of self-discovery.

From day one, we’ll work hand in hand with you to ensure your people gain a full understanding of our personality profiling language. This shared language creates greater self-awareness and appreciation of others. Outcomes are improved communication, reduced conflict, greater collaboration, and improved teamwork.

Together, we can improve every interaction between every employee in your organization. We empower your teams to meet challenges creatively and collaboratively.

Key Results Include:

  • Increased engagement and productivity

  • Improved collaboration

  • Dissolved communication barriers

  • Enhanced personal performance through effective communication

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