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Leadership COMING SOON


About the Course

The Challenge

Being in a leadership role brings a magnitude of challenges. The many uncontrolled variables such as staffing, scheduling, variable business costs, unsatisfied clients, sales targets, inventory control, loss prevention, and the list goes on. With all of these moving parts what is the priority? Where should you spend your time and what do you give your focus too. Leadership can be both mentally and physically exhausting, it can also be extraordinarily fulfilling and rewarding. How do you view your leadership role?

Did You Know?

On Average 63% of leaders believe their leadership skills are underdeveloped or they are not prepared for a leadership role. Therefor a high turnover in leaders in inevitable.

How We Can Help

We start at the source of leadership: The leader, you! Having a clear understanding of yourself and your own expecations and defination or your role as a leader will uncover a wealth of knowledge. We then guide you through a series of activites and assessments to identify your leadership style and how that is working, or not working with the team you presently have. We will show you ways to diversify your leadships skills and style to ensure success with every team you work with. 

Key Results Include:

  • Understanding yourself and your leadership identity.

  • Understanding fundamental strategies to gain trust and unity in your team.

  • A clear vision of your goals as a leader.

  • A results drive approach to your role. 

  • Increased confidence and efficentcy your role.

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