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Team Building

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4 Hours

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Team Building


Tiffany Starchuk

Tiffany Starchuk has years of business success and expertise in a broad range of industries. Tiffany is a true chameleon and strives to empower as many people possible to build success for themselves From cosmetics, personal services, farming, tradeshows, private vocational colleges, non-profits, product manufacturing and wholesale sales. Tiffany has a skill set that will inspire you to build the biggest life possible for yourself. Her vision and ideas are endless.

About the Course

The ability of individuals to perform together effectively is essential to any organization’s success. Effective teamwork brings new ideas, helps solve problems and increases efficiency. Ineffective teamwork destroys productivity and performance. We specialize in addressing the primary causes of miscommunication and conflict so that every level of your organization can learn collaboration and productive teamwork.

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