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Are you ready to reignite conversations?

Conversations are the key to connecting with ourselves and others. The power of our words, our choice in language, both verbal and body language, how we react in a conflict, how we avoid or resolve conflict, all of these components play a large part in how fulfilling our relationships are. Would you want to learn how to have a deeper connection with those around you?


Calm Woman

Hello, I am Bill and welcome to Reignite Life. For years I have had the privilege of serving many communities, both inside and out of the personal growth industry. For me it is so important to create connections, as the biggest passion I have is for people whether it be my family, my community, or the people I am blessed to guide through workshops and seminars. Sharing my life experiences and knowledge with the intention of making a difference in the lives of others brings me great joy. Coaching people has always been something that brings me tremendous fulfillment. Connecting and guiding individuals and groups through my workshops, and helping them experience breakthrough and “aha” moments are what makes this work meaningful for me.

My commitment to my own personal growth is equally as important as serving others. I enjoy embarking on powerful experiences that push me outside of my comfort zone and challenge me to learn new skills, habits and ways of thinking.

In 2020, after experiencing a personal interruption like no other, and then moving with the rest of the world through the pandemic, I chose to take this opportunity to create a series of workshops focused on the interruptions that come into our lives and how we navigate through them. Reignite Life was born with the purpose to give people the opportunity to really explore how they are moving through life's most challenging times.


The second workshop created in the series is Reignite Conversation. When we really take the time to identify how we are speaking to the people around us and to measure how those relationships are working, its sometimes surprising what we find. Conversations are the key to connecting with others. The power of our words and our choice of language, both verbal and body, play a large part in how well we connect. How important is peace and safety in your intimate relationships? How would having a stronger connection with your clients and colleagues elevate your business? This six-week program will demonstrate new ways to enhance the art of conversation. Reignite Conversation is a uniquely guided group workshop. You and five others will embark on this journey together for six 90-minute sessions. We will decide on dates and times that work for the entire group on our introduction zoom call.

*Please note there is no prerequisite for this course you can take them all in any order you choose.

Power of the group

Just as life was not designed for us to go through alone, neither is this program. The reignite series of workshops is laid out in a group format, usually with six people. The group atmosphere allows for each member to contribute to the sessions and provides the opportunity of learning from one another. The setting encourages us to share our ideas and experiences, while learning how to better navigate our own personal journey.


Week One  What Level of listening do you play at? 1-2 or 3? 

Some of us forget the power of listening, some of us get so excited to share we forget to listen. Most of us hear the other person but are not actively involved in listening. No matter where you are starting, you will learn quick simple tools to use to become a remarkable listener.

Week Two  What are they saying? 

Have you ever wondered if you are even in the same conversation with the other person? You will learn new skills this week to ensure you are seeing others as they see themselves. Let’s leave assumptions at the door this week and really zone in on seeing with new eyes, and listening with new ears.

Week Three Stop, safety first

This week you will master speaking in a way that creates safety in the conversation. Why is safety important? Without trust, safety and understanding, building great communication can be tricky. You will learn to speak in a way that others are drawn to listen.

Week Four Let’s get ready to rumble... 

This week we take a deep look at taking the gloves off and navigating conflict without fear. You will build on the tools you have learned up to this point to navigate through conflict resolution.

Week Five You both can have it all! 

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could create win/win situations?  Even when we compromise, we lose. We will identify the alternatives and adjust the glasses to see that both parties can in fact have it all!

Week Six Its all in the words! 

This week you will identify the value and power of your words and what they can achieve in your conversations.



6  Live Zoom Coaching Calls

Calls are 90 minutes long, once a week

PDF notes relating to the weekly discussion

6 Weeks of deep dive reflective work to change your thought patterns

Group size of 6 or less for an intimate and safe atmosphere

what's included


So glad I had the opportunity to take Bill’s Reignite Conversation workshop. The skills he presented along with the discussion will forever be in my conversation tool box. Deeper connective relationships need to be practiced and applied with conservation tools, and that is what Bill provides.I especially loved the discussion on conflict and how it bears new thinking which produces new results.  Also love Bill’s motto; “Someone needs to be skilled. It might as well be me.”


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6 weeks

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