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Download Shinobi Legend Mobile and Enjoy the Original Naruto Plot

Download Shinobi Legend Mobile: A Guide for Naruto Fans

If you are a fan of Naruto, the popular manga and anime series, you might be interested in playing Shinobi Legend Mobile, a mobile game that follows the original plot of Naruto. In this game, you can collect and upgrade your favorite ninjas, relive the epic battles and scenes, and join a guild to fight with other players. In this article, we will tell you what Shinobi Legend Mobile is, how to download and play it, why you should play it, and how to get the most out of it.

What is Shinobi Legend Mobile?

A brief introduction to the game and its features

Shinobi Legend Mobile is an epic card idle mobile game that is based on the Naruto universe. It is developed and published by Ninja War Shinobi, a company that specializes in creating Naruto-themed games. The game features hundreds of ninjas from the original series, each with their own skills, attributes, and personalities. You can form your own team of ninjas and customize their equipment, formations, and strategies. You can also explore various locations from the anime, such as Konoha, Suna, Kiri, and more.

download shinobi legend mobile

How to download and play Shinobi Legend Mobile on Android and iOS devices

Shinobi Legend Mobile is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can download it from the official website or from the Google Play Store or the App Store. The game is free to download and play, but it also offers in-app purchases for some items and features. To play the game, you need an internet connection and a compatible device. The game size is about 0.97 GB, so make sure you have enough storage space before downloading it.

Why should you play Shinobi Legend Mobile?

The benefits of playing Shinobi Legend Mobile

Shinobi Legend Mobile is not just another Naruto game. It has many benefits that make it worth playing. Here are some of them:

Relive the original Naruto story and characters

If you love Naruto, you will love Shinobi Legend Mobile. The game follows the original plot of Naruto, from the Academy days to the Fourth Great Ninja War. You can experience the iconic scenes and dialogues from the anime, such as Naruto's fight with Sasuke, Gaara's transformation, Jiraiya's death, and more. You can also interact with your favorite characters, such as Kakashi, Sakura, Hinata, Itachi, Madara, and more.

Collect and upgrade your favorite ninjas and skills

Shinobi Legend Mobile has a rich collection of ninjas that you can recruit and upgrade. You can find ninjas from different villages, clans, ranks, and factions. You can also unlock different skills for each ninja, such as Rasengan, Chidori, Sharingan, Byakugan, etc. You can mix and match different ninjas and skills to create your own unique team.

Join a guild and participate in various events and modes

Shinobi Legend Mobile is not only a solo game. You can also join a guild and cooperate with other players. You can chat with your guild members, donate resources, help each other out, and compete in guild wars. You can also participate in various events and modes, such as the Ninja Exam, the World Boss, the Arena, the Survival Trial, and more. You can earn rewards and rankings by completing these challenges.

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Enjoy stunning graphics and sound effects

Shinobi Legend Mobile has amazing graphics and sound effects that will immerse you in the Naruto world. The game uses 3D models and animations for the ninjas and the environments. The game also has original voice actors and soundtracks from the anime. You can hear Naruto's "Dattebayo", Sasuke's "Sakura-chan", and other familiar phrases. You can also listen to the epic music that accompanies the battles and the story.

How to get the most out of Shinobi Legend Mobile?

Some tips and tricks for beginners and advanced players

Shinobi Legend Mobile is a fun and easy game to play, but it also has some depth and complexity that require some strategy and planning. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you get the most out of the game:

Redeem gift codes for free rewards

One of the easiest ways to get some free rewards in Shinobi Legend Mobile is to redeem gift codes. Gift codes are special codes that are given out by the developers or the official social media pages of the game. They usually contain items such as gold, gems, scrolls, coupons, etc. To redeem a gift code, you need to go to the settings menu, tap on the gift code option, enter the code, and claim your reward. You can find the latest gift codes on the official Facebook page of Shinobi Legend Mobile or on other websites that collect them.

Complete daily tasks and achievements for more resources

Another way to get more resources in Shinobi Legend Mobile is to complete daily tasks and achievements. Daily tasks are simple missions that you can do every day, such as logging in, summoning ninjas, upgrading skills, etc. Achievements are long-term goals that you can achieve by playing the game, such as reaching a certain level, collecting a certain number of ninjas, winning a certain number of battles, etc. By completing these tasks and achievements, you can earn gold, gems, scrolls, coupons, and other useful items.

Use the auto-battle and idle features to save time and energy

Shinobi Legend Mobile is an idle game, which means that you can still progress even when you are offline or busy. The game has an auto-battle feature that allows you to automatically fight enemies and collect rewards without having to tap or swipe. You can also use the idle feature to accumulate resources over time without having to play actively. You can claim your idle rewards by tapping on the treasure chest icon on the main screen. You can increase your idle rewards by upgrading your ninjas, your equipment, your formation, and your guild.

Follow the official social media pages for updates and news

The last tip we have for you is to follow the official social media pages of Shinobi Legend Mobile. The game is constantly updated with new features, events, ninjas, and content. You can stay updated with the latest news and announcements by following the official Facebook page of Shinobi Legend Mobile or joining their Discord server. You can also interact with other players, share your feedback, ask questions, and get support from the community managers.


Shinobi Legend Mobile is a great game for Naruto fans who want to relive the original story and characters of Naruto on their mobile devices. The game has many features and benefits that make it fun and engaging. You can download Shinobi Legend Mobile from the official website or from the Google Play Store or the App Store for free. You can also use our tips and tricks to get the most out of the game. We hope you enjoy playing Shinobi Legend Mobile as much as we do!


Here are some frequently asked questions about Shinobi Legend Mobile:

  • Q: How do I get more ninjas in Shinobi Legend Mobile?

  • A: You can get more ninjas by summoning them using scrolls or coupons. You can also get some ninjas by completing certain tasks or events.

  • Q: How do I upgrade my ninjas in Shinobi Legend Mobile?

  • A: You can upgrade your ninjas by using gold, gems, or materials. You can also use duplicate ninjas to increase their star level.

  • Q: How do I change my formation in Shinobi Legend Mobile?

A: You can change your formation by tapping on the


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