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[S4E3] Born 2 Die !!BETTER!!

Well, when I was a little girl, of course, I grew up in Paris where I was born, and during the war, of course, we were always advised not to make eye contact with any other German that we would see in the street when the German were in Paris. And I think one of the things that I remember the most is a cold, believe it or not, the cold in Paris in winter is a terrible cold.

[S4E3] Born 2 Die


One is Krystyna Skarbek, who was Polish, a Polish aristocrat, glamorous, passionate, and totally fearless. She led the life of romance, danger and thrills, and became one of Britain's most important and daring spy, a favorite of Churchill and mine. She was born in Warsaw in 1908 to Count and Countess Jerzy Skarbek and raised on their large estate where she learned to shoot, ride horses and ski in the adjacent Tatra Mountains.

It's very short, but it's kind of fun. Maria was born in 1905 to a peasant couple, one of 10 children. She was beautiful with dark hair, large velvety eyes. She educated herself and took a job as a telephone operator. Then she met and married the love of a life, a young dashing Russian officer by the name of Ilia Oktyabrskaya. But they were both very interested in military affair, and sometime they'd just spend the evening in talking about military things, the battles, the general, the tactics, etc.

Petyr went to Riverrun when he was eight years old, carrying all he owned in a bundle.[2] At Riverrun, he befriended Hoster's daughters Catelyn and Lysa. Their brother Edmure mockingly nicknamed Petyr "Littlefinger", in reference to his small height at the time and the location of his minor landholdings.[1] The nickname would stick with him throughout his life. Eventually, even Petyr sarcastically embraced the nickname, because it showed how far he had risen, from an impoverished noble-born boy from an insignificant minor house in the "little Finger" peninsula of the Vale, to one of the most powerful officials at the royal court.[3]

Varys finds Littlefinger in the Great Hall staring at the Iron Throne, where he reveals that he would intend to execute all those who have ever mocked or looked down on him if he was King. Varys reveals that he knows about Littlefinger's assistance in Eddard's investigation of Jon Arryn's death and reminds Littlefinger of the consequences that may befall him should the Lannisters discover his involvement. In response, Littlefinger reveals that he already knows about Varys having met with both Eddard and Illyrio Mopatis, a Pentoshi magister representing House Targaryen. Their conversation is interrupted by Renly, who informs them that Robert will be joining them at their Small Council meeting. They then both support the motion to have Daenerys Targaryen and her unborn child assassinated before the Dothraki can invade Westeros; Petyr in particular emphasises that the situation should be dealt with quickly, comparing the situation to unwanted sex.[5]

He responds by referencing her incest, reminding her that with knowledge, comes power. Littlefinger receives a violent reprimand when Cersei tells her men to cut Littlefinger's throat but then says she has changed her mind, in order to remind him of his place, and that being born into power can never match Petyr's ambitiousness, threatening his life if does not locate Arya. King Joffrey Baratheon responds to the ensuing rumors by ordering a city wide massacre of his father's bastards. The City Watch storm into Littlefinger's brothel in search of one of Robert's illegitimate children - a baby girl named Barra. They rip Barra from her mother's arms and kill the child in front of Littlefinger's employees.[14]

Baelish colludes with Sansa Stark that he plans to smuggle her out of the city on his ship when he leaves on an upcoming mission. She displays an eagerness to leave as soon as possible. He suggests that when he next leaves the capital by sea, she might be able to stow away. Sansa advises him not to give her too many details since she is a terrible liar. Meanwhile, Ros, who seems to be acting as Littlefinger's aide, reminisces about the day Sansa was born, when all the bells in Winterfell were rung in celebration. She asks Shae to look out for Sansa, particularly in regards to Littlefinger.[22]

It is implied in the novels that Littlefinger lusts after Sansa, perhaps because she looks so much like her mother, who is lost to him forever. In the fourth novel he kisses Sansa passionately several times, and once touches her breasts; in the fifth novel, Cersei recalls that he offered to wed Sansa, but was denied because he was much too lowborn. Nevertheless, Littlefinger does not let his personal desires interfere with his plans.

Unlike in the show, Littlefinger and Lysa are married at the Fingers, because Lysa insists that they do that without delay. Littlefinger does not like the idea and tries to persuade Lysa to hold the wedding in public, at the Eyrie and in presence of Lysa's whole court (in order to make the Vale lords acknowledge his new position), but Lysa is too stubborn.

Valyria's Last Scion: House Targaryen Invasion House Hoare, Ironborn Kings of the Riverlands House Durrandon, the Storm Kings House Lannister, Kings of the Rock & House Gardener, Kings of the Reach House Stark, The Kings of Winter House Arryn, Kings of the Vale Aegon, First of His Name House Martell, Princes of Dorne The Last Dragons

John Crichton was born in the late 1960s[3] in Memphis[4] to Jack and Leslie Crichton and had a younger sister, Olivia, and an older sister, Susan. He had a childhood friend named Douglas "D.K." Knox, who he helped cheat on his SATs.[5] Jack was an astronaut and as such spent a lot of time away from home, something the young John Crichton grew to resent. However, he still had some very happy memories of his childhood with his father, including his tenth birthday: his father missed it, but woke John up at four in the morning the following day to go fishing. He had a girlfriend named Kim during his teenage years,[5] and he attended a high school called JFK High.[6] He lost his virginity to, he thought, Karen Shaw, but it turns out it was really his Moya companion Chiana, who had traveled back in time.[5] His mother died four years before his Farscape-1 accident.[7][5]

A child that he fathered with Princess Katralla of the Breakaway Colonies. As a result, she was a human/Sebacean hybrid and the first one conceived. She was not to be born, however, for over 80 cycles after her conception due to her mother's state in stasis as a statue. However, Crichton was able to view, and briefly interact with, a holographic projection of what his daughter would look like as a young child.

John's son with Aeryn Sun. D'Argo was named after their fallen comrade Ka D'Argo and was born during the final battle of the Peacekeeper/Scarran War. He was the first human/Sebacean hybrid known to be born.

This Crichton inhabited an unrealized reality very similar to the original Crichton's own, the major difference being that Aeryn Sun had never been pulled aboard Moya. This Crichton was married to Princess Katralla and their daughter Katrana had been born. Rather than being turned into statues in the Breakaway Colonies, the three lived together aboard Moya as a family. The original Crichton's obsession with locating Aeryn caused quite a bit of friction with this reality's family and friends, including the still living D'Argo and Zhaan.

Inside Connor's trailer, Damon is still anchored to the bombs. Meredith shows up to help him, and asks why he did not call his brother. Damon says he is proud and stubborn and that she is already there. He finds Pastor Young's letters about war, sacrifice and a greater evil coming to Mystic Falls. Meredith tells Damon that he is a good brother, because he is there strung up to a bomb while Stefan plays vampire with the girl who broke his heart, and he is doing a good job of acting like it does not suck. Although she did not remove the barbs from the arrow, nor cut it in any way, Damon now can safely remove it.

Kruger was born to an Eldian family living in Marley. His father had joined an Eldian revolutionary army led by the remnants of the royal Fritz family who remained on the mainland. Unfortunately, the army was very ineffective, and its members, including Kruger's father, were captured and burned alive by the Public Security Authorities as Kruger hid in a closet. Afterward, he was rescued by friends of his father.[12] Sometime later, Kruger was able to join the Public Security Authorities as a spy thanks to an Eldian doctor who was able to fake his blood tests as he had done for himself sometime earlier.[13] As a spy in the military, Kruger would refer to himself in correspondence with the Eldian Restorationists as "the Owl," all while spending his military career turning thousands of Eldians into Titans over the years in order to hide his identity.[2][14]

John "Sack" Sacrimoni (born February 8 1954) was the boss of the Lupertazzi crime family after the death of Carmine Lupertazzi. He was the right-hand man of Carmine and the de-facto underboss of the family for many years. He was also a close friend and business partner of Tony Soprano from the DiMeo crime family of New Jersey. After the passing of Carmine in 2004, a power struggle emerged between John and Carmine Lupertazzi Jr. This conflict escalated into an all out war which led to the deaths of shylock Lorraine Calluzo, former consigliere Angelo Garepe and capo Rusty Millio from Little Carmine's faction and Joey "Peeps" Peparelli and Billy Leotardo from John's faction. Little Carmine surrendered and allowed John to become boss. However, he was arrested shortly after by the FBI due state's evidence provided by Jimmy Petrille, John's own consigliere who had been working as an informant for years. While facing trial, he appointed his right-hand man Phil Leotardo as acting boss of the family.

Kimberly Wexler was born on February 13, 1968, and grew up in Red Cloud, Nebraska. She lived with her mother during her childhood, her other known relatives include a grandmother and cousin. As a child she never had a house to live in as her family never actually owned one due to being very poor. Kim and her mother would often flee from temporary residences before eviction occurred. ("JMM", "Wexler v. Goodman") 041b061a72


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