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Buy Timberland Work Boots

When it comes to workplace protection, a safety toe boot is a must-have. Standard steel toe work boots offer plentyof heavy-duty protection for men around heavy machinery and weighty loads. Work somewhere beyond a metal detector?

buy timberland work boots

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Our non-metallic composite toe work boots offer protection that won't set off the machines. If you're on your feetall day, our ultralight alloy toe work boots offer protection that won't weigh you down.

Heavy loads aren't the only hazards you might come across. A slip-resistant Vibram outsole defeats wet or icyconditions. Look for insulated boots to wear in the winter months or heat-resistant styles to keep you safer aroundyour welding torch. Our boots are designed to protect against everything from an electrical hazard, the weather,falling objects and more.

Lace up your men's work boots knowing that you'll have all-day comfort. A waterproof boot keeps your feet dry andsnug, even through harsh weather. Ultra-comfortable insoles like our Anti-Fatigue Technology insoles mean that evenhours on your feet won't be as painful as you fear. And in hot weather, moisture-wicking linings keep your feet cooland dry throughout the day.

These Timberland PRO boots are ready for the job site and long, hard days. Work boots for men are our specialty, and we design rugged, waterproof, insulated work boots that are always up for the job.

Timberland is Built for the Bold - and our stores are packed with waterproof boots for men and women, work boots, workwear, hoodies, and plenty of footwear, clothing & accessories - something for everyone who loves the outdoors. Don't miss our Black Friday deals in-store - visit us today!

The original Timberland boots were made in the United States, Dominican Republic, Vietnam, and China. Note that it all started in the USA. However, as the company kept growing, it expanded its empire beyond these four countries.

Each country is carefully chosen, and the primary condition is the capacity for mass production. However, none of the countries other than the USA do brain work. All designs and material selections are passed from the official headquarters in the United States. Moreover, they focus on the research for the upcoming launch and marketing strategies.

Timberlands hold a reputation for being incredibly durable - their footwear can be used for at least five years with regular wear. That is, of course, if you know how to clean Timberland boots and take proper care of them.

Timberlands are an excellent choice for various activities and occasions as they do a great job at keeping you warm and safe while working outside. They are often associated with a lumberjack style. However, now, you can use them for virtually any activity. That said, you can also wear them in the city because they offer an impressive grip and keep you dry and warm during the cold winter months.

Overlook Boots is your one-stop shop for high-quality work boots and apparel at affordable prices. Our selection of work, western, hunt and dutry boots is unmatched. We are a family owned business with strong values. The entire Overlook Boots team takes pride serving the hard working men and women of this country.

It's important to have the right work boots when working in industrial settings; safety, durability, and comfort are all important. Since good work boots are not cheap, we compiled a list of the top 13 brands of work boots that employees swear by, and also why they like 'em.

Over 100 men and women provided input about their preferred brand(s) and their top choice by far, was Thorogood boots with Red Wing coming in as a close second. See the list below, with links to each brands' website for easy browsing if you're in the market for a new pair.

Thorogood. Best work boots I've ever had. Low break-in period, great leather and soles, after a year, most comfortable footwear I own...besides my brooks. Made in America, priced very competitively. Sadly, won't go back to Red Wings, removed all their industrial boots, 70% manufacturing and materials sourced overseas, and about 30-40% higher cost than Thorogood.

With any boot, it's how well you take care of them. I use saddle soaps and mink oil to condition my boots about once a month. You can also paint over the steel toe with a Kevlar coating from Red Wing that will keep the leather from wearing out. The paint mix is sold in boot shops for around $15 to $20. I've had boots wear out from the inside, but never had a pair wear out from the outside yet. Red Wing Irish Setters are the most comfortable breaking in but they are heavy. Filson boots have cork insoles and are by far the best boots for your feet and back, however, they will cost you around $300.

I have pancake flat feet. Seems like the softer the sole, the worse it is for me. I wear Twisted X because I don't like my feet being forced to arch and the soles in Twisted X seem to work out for me.

I've had Justin's and Ariats, both are comfortable you just have to find a good size and a good insole. SnoSeal works great for waterproofing/dirt proofing them, I can hose mine off at the end of the day and not get the leather wet at all, and it lasts about 2 months before I have to reapply. And I usually buy 2 pair so I can rotate them out when one pair needs to get resealed I can let them sit for a day.

I'll be the first to admit that when it comes to traditional stee ltoe work boots vs. new age composite toes I was quite skeptical. In the military we had always worn steel toes, there was no other option; though when I started my internship working at an aerospace engineering company I decided to try the composite toes. I picked out a pair of ariat boots from a local supplier and I was happily surprised with the results! The wider toe box gave my feet more "wiggle room" and the boots were lighter and more comfortable than some of the steel toe boots I'd tried on.

I spent $300+ on a pair of high end Danner boots and they didn't loo any better than a $150 pair of Ariats did after a year. I will never spend that kind of money on Danner boots again. I wish Red Wing made a steel toe in their "Heritage" line (the line with the replaceable good year weld sole). Unfortunately, they keep them more of a "dress" line. I have tried the Red Wing steel toe once and they just wrecked my feet. I have a pair from the Red Wing heritage line that are great though -- non steel toe unfortunately.

Justin boots never fail to surprise me with great quality for a reasonable price. I go through work boots a lot because I work with corrosive fluids so I've had a chance to order several different models.

For over 50 years, Double-H has been crafting innovative work western styles designed for today's new breed of cowboy -- the hardworking men and women on the millions of farms, fields, and ranches across America who demand durability, performance, comfort and style.

For our Earthkeepers testing of Timberland boots, we chose a half-size smaller than our true size but, surprisingly the boot still felt a bit big. So, if you prefer to feel snug, you might wish to consider dropping down a whole size from your normal shoe size.

The ones that run true to size are the Timberland hiking boots, such as Mt. Maddsen and White Ledge. However, the original Timberland waterproof boots and their Earthkeeper range are a full size bigger than normal. So factor this in when buying your work boots.

It's not uncommon to find work boots sized a half size larger than normal. If you can't try a pair on to check, take a look at the bootmaker's official website. Otherwise, buy half a size down from normal is the general advice. But always check the returns policy first and only wear the boots indoors for a few hours until you decide if they are comfortable. The boots Timberland makes are inconsistently sized. So if you plan to wear them all day long, you want your feet to be comfortable.

There is wide variation in which ones run true to size depending on the style. For instance, your feet may feel a touch snug in Pit Boss boots but a shade loose at the toe box and ankle when you wear Direct Attach work boots.

The Timberland Mt. Maddsen is light and nimble considering how decked out it is with comfort features. Hikers who need extra arch support will enjoy the insole and shank combination this boot offers---something rare for hiking boots under $100.

Made in the USA from Merino wool, these work socks really are something else in terms of quality. They feature compression through the arch and calf which helps your feet recover after a long day. Plus, because they're Merino wool, they're breathable and help reduce foot sweat.

Like many of the blue-collar pieces we cover, Timberland rose from its working-class origins to eventually be adopted by the fashion and music elite. The boot that ultimately transcended class and crossed a racial divide to become a wardrobe essential, deserves a deep dive. Timberland, a New England company, was made by and for white workers and was eventually, by way of Brooklyn, commodified by a markedly different constituency. Though Timberland at first resisted, the boot once made for work, would become most famous for its role in rap.

These boots are meant to get dirty. They have electrical hazard protection, Waterproof leather, their insulated, and they are ready for any task. Whether you work in the mud or in a garage, these boots do it all.

With Shoe MGK, you can have your Timberlands looking new with ease. The shoe care company has been cleaning work boots since 1992 and is the best option after a long day on the job to keep your boots fresh.

When working with these boots, they are bound to get dirty. For example, dirt, mud, and concrete could get caked on the uppers when working construction. Or, oil and grease could stain the leather when working on your car. That is why it is crucial to clean your boots with the Shoe MGK Cleaner and Conditioner. The shoe cleaner soaks into the uppers of your timberland boots, attacking and breaking down dirt and debris from the inside. This process means your boots get a deep, revitalizing clean that looks better than new. 041b061a72


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