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Jeep Cherokee (XJ) Off-road

Since its creation, Jeep has been synonymous with overlanding and off-roading. The story of how Jeep built this reputation from its influence in World War II to its domination of the utilitarian automotive market afterward is well-documented.

Jeep Cherokee (XJ) off-road

While it was mostly the Wrangler that shaped the name "Jeep" into what it is today, the Cherokee models were just as influential on the world of off-roading. The start of the Cherokee goes back to a two-door reiteration of the Jeep Wagoneer. However, it was the Cherokee XJ introduced in 1984 that changed everything.

Being in a good-looking vehicle is one of the last things an off-road enthusiast cares about when on the trail, and this mentality is well-represented in the Cherokee XJ, as every single piece of it exists with a purpose. It is all put in a package that looks as simple and seamless as possible. And ironically, this makes us love the looks of it even more.

A considerable advantage of having a Jeep XJ as an overlander is the price. You rarely see anyone take a costly SUV on the trails since it'll be prone to damage and a pain to repair. But on the other hand, cheaping out on your off-roader means that you won't have a machine good enough to traverse the terrain. An XJ is a sweet spot between affordability, performance, and reliability.

Ultimately, the Jeep XJ is nowhere near flawless. Many options on the market are either more comfortable, more powerful, and off-road capable, or more affordable, but they will rarely be all of those. What makes the 1990s Cherokee so admired by enthusiasts isn't a single characteristic; it's the mixture of all the qualities ideal for an off-roader to take to the trail. A mighty yet cheap utilitarian that can take a beating and keep going is a blessing to all those who aim to go out and explore.

The dual rates are achieved through the use of two concentric torsion bars. SwayLOC uses a simple latching mechanism to easily change between off-road and on-road use without having to struggle with disconnect links or having to be on level ground.

The proven cam latching system guarantees that SwayLOC engages in the correct position for on-road use and disengages for off-road use when chassis flex releases pressure on the latch.The Manual Flip a Lever version is simply that, flip the lever on the latch rearward sets the latch to disengage for low off-road resistance. Turning it off sets it to engage for high on-road resistance.

The remote-controlled version works using an air operated latch (1). The latch is controlled by an in-cab switch. Turning on the lighted in-cab toggle switch automatically sets the latch to disengage for low off-road resistance.

Turning it on sets it to disengage for low off-road resistance. SwayLOC for XJ mounts with included brackets to the factory swaybar mounting area, and forward up to the back edge of the stock bumper. (Custom bumpers may require some trimming to clear).

Anyways, Facebook user and clear off-road expert Josh McBride uploaded a video of his adventures in Sand Hollow, Utah. The video starts with his heavily modified Cherokee at the base of this seemingly vertical ascent and ends with the XJ at the top. Whatever the case may be, McBride must have a freakish crawl ratio on his truck to achieve such an ascent.

We made this guide specifically for the Cherokee XJ, based on thousands of miles running these shocks ourselves, and thousands of customers' feedback. We address different budgets, different vehicle uses & needs (plush daily comfort, more handling, off-road, etc), and identifying exactly what these shocks mean for your Jeep. We truly test these products ourselves, and are open to any and all questions for your vehicle, reach out to us with any questions! 041b061a72


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