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Calendar Status PRO V2.4.0.1 Build 142 [Paid] [Latest]

* Added: Dev tools* Added: Allow vendors to create a manual booking* Added: Hooked into pro dashboard permission checks to check booking objects* Fixed: Auto confirm the paid booking as no requires confirmation* Fixed: Filter redirect to dashboard page when the select date in the calendar

Calendar Status PRO v2.4.0.1 build 142 [Paid] [Latest]

* Added: Permission check for booking objects to stop url manipulation #20* Added: WooCommerce Bookings Restrict Start Days Function #14* Added: Flush rewrite rules on activation to ensure dashboard links work* Fixed: Incorrect path for resources availabitliy table* Fixed: Require Buffer Period is Missing 'minutes between bookings' under availability tab #16* Fixed: Bookings calendar view is not showing the bookings #19* Fixed: Booking status display* Fixed: Bookings that were in cart are showing to vendor #22* Fixed: New vendors see all bookings #18* Fixed: Fatal error seen under pro dashboard bookings tab #17* Fixed: Minute time segments are not working; "minutes" should be "minute" #13* Fixed: Date Range Base Cost & Block cost tool tips #12 350c69d7ab


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